Monday, March 15, 2010

Wrap It Up

Ok. so I just realized that I never posted the lyrics to our songs like I had said I would! AND... I had a picture (those of you who read the Irwins' blog will just have to deal with seeing the same one again. so ha.) to post for you...which I did not do.
So i will post some lyrics from our PowerJams collection and the aforementioned picture. As you read the lyrics, you may not be impressed. In fact, you WON'T be impressed. Just know that if you ever experienced them in real time alongside the melody and the dances... your brain would implode from the amount of awesome. :)

Ghost Kitty: "Ghost Kitty runs around in her underwear!"
Dexter: "All I wanna do is lay in my bed and watch Dexter...wikawikawa...DEXTER!"
Wheat: "If it looks like wheat and it smells like wheat, then it must be wheat for me!"

Date Night Cooking Class @ Sur La Table
(We love these Irwins!)


Luke&Lynn said...

I miss you guys....come stay at my head!!!!

denisie power said...