Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little bit of this...

A little bit of that...
I seriously have the gardening bug. It flared up again (it's a semi anual thing, usually) last week or so. I was looking at sites on Square Foot Gardening (which is what we've had this past year. just one 8x4 plot), and found some fantastic photos that make me want to be in our new home NOW... oh, and for the weather to be warm enough to support my gardening addiction already :)
I cannot WAIT for our kitchen to look like this because of our tomato plants... hahaha:

and i love the idea of a long, skinny plot for pole beans! why do I love this design so much??

love this little herb garden. i like the stone perimeter.just a few more pictures of square foot gardens I found:so, anyhow, if you know any secrets to making spring show up earlier, please share. otherwise, i'll be checking on my 100 little seedlings that i planted last week as seeds, and praying that they actually sprout into little seedling plants instead of just turning to mush because of lack of sunshine...


on another note, I came across The Pioneer Woman's blog about homeschooling her children. I love this section on her site! I've always been intrigued by/interested in homeschooling, and to be honest, it will probably be a serious consideration for our children in the future, but her site is great AND greatly entertaining, as well. If the subject is even mildly interesting to you, you should check her out.

We have boxen galore (yes, i did just say "boxen". if you don't understand, please listen to Brian Regan's comedy. Thank you.) in our home right now. it is a "reminder for us that we have lots of work to do if we plan on moving in a month..."


that's all for now. WHY IS IT STILL SO FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE?! nothing good can come of it being this cold.

come quickly, spring, COME! ;)

...aaaaaand on that note, I'm off to start packing/setting aside "boxen" of things for our upcoming Garage Sale/Moving Sale. Stay tuned for that info... ;)

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