Monday, August 10, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Sarah Long

So our dear friends, Ben and Sarah, are off to Cairo, Egypt for two years... they leave next Tuesday. There was a going away party at the ever hospitable Clay and Emily's casa last night for our sweet friends. We will miss them SO MUCH!! But we're all so excited for the amazing opportunity they have to preach the gospel of Christ with their lives in the city God is placing them in! Please be praying for Ben and Sarah as they prepare to leave all that they know to live in Egypt for the next two years. THANK YOU!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Annapolis, MD!

We are going to Annapolis, MD for our one year anniversary at the beginning of September!! My Aunt Karen and family live right on the Chesapeake Bay so we will be boating/kayaking/sailing/crabbing/maybe a jog or 2 through the Naval Academy grounds, etc. for 4.5 days! We have to introduce AP to life on the East Coast! He's never been! i'm so excited that we're able to do this! I thought i'd gather a little preview of what we get to look forward to! unfortunately the site is not cooperating today, so i'm unable to label each picture, so i'll post some from the Naval Academy, some from downtown Annapolis and just some random photos to give you an idea of what we'll be seeing! Enjoy! :)