Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello, World!

Have no fear, we ARE still here! :) sorry for the intense hiatus from blog world. I'll attempt a very brief update for now.

I believe the last post was just before I began my job with Fidelity Investments. That feels like SO long ago! :) i went through their 8 week training course and "graduated" with the top of the "class" :) It has been SO interesting learning the "financial world". Google a Roth IRA if you don't know what that is. BOOYAH. TOTALLY getting in on that stuff. TAX FREE????? heck yes. nothing in this world is free anymore... except this amazing little booger called the ROTH... :) love it. there are, of course, stipulations, but STILL...

So the late schedule (getting home near 8pm) is getting a bit old, but we're doing well. I almost had a schedule change for an hour earlier, but there was one person ahead of me to get it... so i'll get the change next go around. I'm just praying that that next opportunity is soon. :)

We stay pretty busy in our weeks with Homegroup (Both of us), Mentoring (both), Step Studies (AP), Bible Study Group (DP), Teaching the ninos on sunday mornings (both), church, etc.

Aaron's job is going well. He was hired on permanantly into his fulltime position, and he is enjoying the team he works with. He does a great job, and they definitely appreciate all of his hard work! He has had a few trips down to the Lufkin plant which has been good. He may be headed down there for another trip sometime soon. He has really enjoyed meeting the people that he gets to work with down there.

We've really enjoyed having people over to the apartment when we get the chance. We'll be starting to look for a rent house in Denton soon, to move in begining of July. We decided to wait on the house purchase for a couple of years. We were looking for a foreclosure to take advantage of the super low interest rates, but we decided to save for a much larger down payment in a couple years. For now, we're getting excited to get completely out of debt (car payment, student loan, parental loan...). There is a light at the end of the tunnel, ladies and gents. ;)

I should go get ready for dinner/church. We're meeting the Powers and the soon to be Hendersons (Luke and Lynn!) for dinner at Mr. Chopstix before church this evening. Should be a good time. Speaking of Lynn and Luke, their wedding is quickly approaching! May is so close! Definitely close compared to last April, right Lynn?? man, 13 month engagement... yuk. totally feel for you.

ok. I'll try to be better at this. no promises, though...

OH... and i got my hair chopped this weekend... about 11 inches from the back i think...