Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ok, so i REALLY do want to get better at updating this thing!!! so much has been/will be going on!!

TONS of weddings this summer! Just to list the FEW that i'll get to be a part of:

1. My sister, Lynn, and her fiance, Luke Henderson are getting married on May 30! I'll be Matron of Honor and am PUMPED! we love lynn and luke and are excited for luke to officially be a part of the fam :) Their wedding site, if you're interested:

2. Former roomie A (Jennifer Davis) will be married to her fiance, Aaron's former roomie A (Jeff Holm) on July 25! Dude. it's about freakin time :) I'll be matron on honor here, too and am PUMPED, yet again! Love these two.

3. Former roomie B (Kelley Howard) will be married to her fiance, Aaron's former roomie B (Jeremy Irwin) on August 15! Super excited about being in this wedding party as well! It's so fun to have so many of our closest friends who even feel like (or actually are...) family getting married in the same summer!! crazy!

... I'm not sure why people always complain about being bridesmaids so often... other than the fact that you're BROKE at the end of it, it's TOTALLY FUN!!!!! Seriously.


I've gotten a ton of new plants lately! It's almost warm enough consistently for me to put plants outside again without killing them! I got some new herbs for cooking and making our own tea with, and I'm sprouting some red potatoes to use as tubers to grow our own reds! Now i just have to find a cute squatty barrell to use for them! Help?
Can't wait to have a house where we can actually have a REAL GARDEN and grow our own fruits and veggies!!!

Some iphone shots from while i planted some of them yesterday:


chamomile, zinnias, and marigolds

Sweet basil, parsley, oregano, and rosemary...

And some African Daisies just because i thought they were gorgeous, i wanted them, and it was my birthday, so i bought them for myself ;)

SO... hopefully i'm back on the wagon of updating again... we'll see. ;)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i have discovered a new love...

YUP! you guessed it. that love is of Butternut Squash. if you have never tried it, i suggest you get your cooking on soon. get on it. if anyone has any recipes that use butternut squash, you should share with me! it's so delicious! the one i tried today used Butternut squash, shallots, mascarpone cheese, and extra wide noodles.... delicious!!!
seriously, though. if you have others, do share! :)

p.s. i cooked with/bought shallots for the first time this week! didn't even know where to look for them at the store and had to google them to find out what they were... haha.

i love cooking :) i always welcome new recipes by the way! :)