Sunday, March 15, 2009

i have discovered a new love...

YUP! you guessed it. that love is of Butternut Squash. if you have never tried it, i suggest you get your cooking on soon. get on it. if anyone has any recipes that use butternut squash, you should share with me! it's so delicious! the one i tried today used Butternut squash, shallots, mascarpone cheese, and extra wide noodles.... delicious!!!
seriously, though. if you have others, do share! :)

p.s. i cooked with/bought shallots for the first time this week! didn't even know where to look for them at the store and had to google them to find out what they were... haha.

i love cooking :) i always welcome new recipes by the way! :)


The Rozell Family said...

yummmm we love butternut squash too. Its a weekly staple in the Rozell home! We also eat Acorn squash once or twice a week too. Have you tried those?

The Rozell Family said...

oh and i just cut open our butternut or acorn, scoop out insides, put in a shallow dish with a little water, drizzle with a little honey and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and sugar adn bake 45 min. Soooo GOOD!