Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beanie Babies & Mini 'Maters

Our little beanies are growing like CRAZY! yesterday (only two days after the last sprouts picture post) i took another pic of the seedlings that are sprouting up in our living room/kitchen. I thought I'd share the pictures as well as some wisdom I gained from my Garden Expert Father-in-law last night.
The sprouts are shooting up so tall and skinny so quickly because they aren't getting enough sunlight. They are deficient of that wonderful vitamin D! I have been afraid to put them outside because of the weather changing and raining and wind-ing and being so cold, but he suggested that Ii put them out this morning before heading to work so that they can soak up some rays and begin growing the way they should. I think I'll pull them in tonight just to be safe since it was about 34 degrees F when I left for work this morning...
I'm SO looking forward to the weather staying warm enough for them to live outside for good. I love that we can already see the little leaves poking out from the top of the biggest ones! I also am constantly amazed at how QUICKLY they grow! I LOVE gardening :) It is a constant miracle. well, I think so, anyways...
Happy Growing :)

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