Thursday, March 11, 2010

Plano Impromptu

Last night was eventful.
About 5 minutes after I got home from work, we got a call from Aaron's mother saying that his Mamaw (pronounced like "Ma'am-maw") was in the hospital and that we should get there right away. So we immediately piled into the Focus and headed to Plano.
Mamaw has been feeling ill for about 3 weeks now, but yesterday it became a lot worse. Mello (short for Romellio, and what Jordan and Aaron call their grandfather) took her to the hospital, and after running many tests, they found from a gastro-intestinal test that there is a mass, and that she was hemorrhaging in her stomach. We got to spend about 20 or 30 minutes with her last night and pray with her and the family. She is scheduled to have surgery in about one hour (10:00am central time).
Please pray with us that Mamaw will get through the surgery well, and that she will have a quick recovery and not be in any pain. She is one tough woman - if i only had the time to tell you the stories that I have been told. She truly is a warrior of a woman (always has been), and it was extremely difficult to see her so weak and uncomfortable last night. If it was difficult for me, I can't even imagine how hard it was on her daughter (Joannie, my mother-in-law) and Mello - let alone Aaron and Jordan.
There were tears last night as we (Audie, Joannie, Mello, Jordan, Aaron and I) waited in the waiting room until they would let us see her. It was an extremely eye-opening experience to see the people in the rooms as we passed by on the way in and out of the hospital - so frail and with so many tubes running in and out of them. It was an emotionally draining night to say the least. It's a hard sight to see an old man unable to stop flowing tears as he worries for his sweet wife and hugs his grandchildren like he doesn't want to let go.
Aaron and I both have to work today, so we are not able to be at the hospital (obviously). We will try to head out there as soon as we get home today. Please join us in praying for her as she undergoes the surgery and as she (Lord willing) recovers well.
We love you all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers.

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