Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainbow Waffles are for Lovers.

There is so much to share with you all in the way of cooking, gardening, and living these days...
Unfortunately, I have been slacking in the area of photography, and that is the reason for my delay in posting. I promise to have photos (therefore a good post) very soon, though!! I do!
The garden is going to seed, and strawberries are ripening, and new recipes are being devoured!
For now, my friends, I revert back to an old photo that I took quite a few months ago, but is now more relevant, seeing as it is Easter Weekend this weekend!
My sister in law, Jordan, decided to make waffles one night. To make them more fun, we decided she should play with food coloring, so she made Rainbow Waffles! She made a regular batch of waffle mix, then separated it into four small dishes to make four different colored waffles. We ended up with Turquoise, Pink, Purple and Blue. They were phenomenal. Not only in looks, but also in TASTE!
Way to go, Jordan!

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Leigh said...

I need to write more blog entries so my sweet TX friends can stay up with me too. There are some older ones there...read if you have the time. I miss you Mrs. Power. I truly do. <3 You are exquisite.