Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Baby Greenies

If we're friends on Facebook, I apologize for showing you the same picture twice :) But I wanted to share:

About a week or two ago, I hit up Calloway's to get some seeds started for our spring/summer garden! I want to have them ready to go in the ground when we get moved into the new place so that we can get veggies growing ASAP! I want to be able to gather more of the harvest this year before the frosts set in. We lost WAY too many delicious, huge tomatoes this past year!

When I got home yesterday, these little boogers (ok. not boogers... just string beans) were sprouting up to say "HELLO!" I love them already!
love, denise.

Edit to previous post:

This is pretty cool :) I was contacted this afternoon by Kimberly from Calloway's Nursery. She wants to link up my blog to the Calloway's email that they will be sending out soon! She loved the photos that I found in my previous post about square foot gardening, and asked if it would be okay if they referenced the blog! How fun (crazy!?)! :)
So, if you all want to see us featured, register for their garden club here so that you can see the email! SO FUN!
She's going to be keeping up with future posts, so when we finally get our garden set up at the new house, maybe there will be even more future features! :) Alliteration is neat.

p.s. i would recomend signing up for the garden club, anyways, if you aren't already (even if you don't care to see the feature - lol)!


Kimberly said...

Hi Denise, My name is Kimberly Bird and I work for Calloway's Nursery. I came across your fabulous garden photos and I would love to share what you've done with your garden with some of our Garden Club members. You are a gardening inspiration. We have an Edible Festival at our stores on March 20 and I'd love to show some of your garden photos in our upcoming email. We could link to your blog site or put them on ours. You are a role model of what vegetable gardening can be. Please email me at info@calloways.com.

Yours truly,

Kimberly Bird
Calloway's Nursery

Rachel said...

Hi there!
I actually DID find your blog from the Calloway's email - I'm a part of their gardening club too.

We have a veggie garden, but we started with little 4-inch pots instead of seeds. We've found in the past that they tend to do better for us. The success we have had with seeds has come from okra and jalepenos. This year, we're growing tomatoes, jalepenos, yellow squash, zucchini, cantelope, banana peppers, strawberries (which we've had for a couple of years), and herbs.

I look forward to following your garden progress!! I live in Arlington - so it's nice to find someone else in the area to trade stories with!