Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cabin Fever

Denise here.
Yes, I am at work this week, but other than that, I'm pretty much stuck at home because my poor little RAV4 has decided to die yet again. That is not my actual car, but mine is so old that when I tried to search for a picture of one... well, I didn't have many pictures to choose from... haha

It has been resurrected before, yes. And it is in the process of rising again... our dear friends Jeremy and Josh were a part of the first round... pushing my sweet, sad, little car up the ridiculous hill on Carroll Blvd... Oh, those were the days...back in 2005... I found this... boy, am I annoying... haha.
so... My dear, sweet sister in law will be picking me up from work today as my father in law comes to take my car away to be fixed. Again.

All of that to say, I have plenty of time (WAY too much since I'm also administering the TAKS this week. My 7th graders are "TAKSing" as we speak...write?... and 8th graders go on Thurs and Fri...) to daydream about how much I hope everything stays on schedule with the house so that we can actually move in on Saturday!!! CRAZY! We did the initial walk-through yesterday, and only found about 4 small yellow legal pad pages worth of small things to take care of... not too shabby considering most of it was paint platters and cabinetry dings that will be a cinch to fix! We go back today after work to check it all out again. They're being really great about trying to stick to the April 30 closing date as originally scheduled. :)

Along with dreaming of moving into our new home, I am dreaming about all of the delicious meals I will be able to cook again with our beautiful stainless appliances and all of my cookware that has been packed for about a week now... we are eating sandwiches, cereal, and frozen pizza until this weekend when we move in... I have this need to cook an amazing, impressive meal...probably because I can't... ;)

on another note, I am jonesing for a soft, delicious chocolate chip cookie like the ones I devoured at Alyssa's the other evening during Ladies Night 2010... ;)

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Luke&Lynn said...

so after watching the video of jeremy pushing the car, you tube sent me to your video "waiting for our pizza...." can I just say WOW!!