Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Berry!

Get ready to meet our very first ready-to-eat, grown in our own garden (well, flower pot on the front porch...) STRAWBERRY! She's adorable (and aparently delicious!)!!
The critic (my beloved husband, AP!) says that she was perfectly sweet (not bitter OR tart!). I'm so excited to see these plants flourish through the summer!
My husband agreed to "model" the eating of the first strawberry for all of you, our beloved Blog Followers. He's such a great sport!! Thanks, BABY!!!
This pic's my favorite. I think it's hilarious. Paul Martinez agrees with me (don't you Paul?!)!

the results???


Happy Gardening/fabulous North Texas weather today!

P.S. We both get to take off early from work today so that we can pick our the flooring and countertops for our new house!! The place doesn't make appointments on the weekends OR after DALLAS... so... we were both forced to use vacation time... oh well...our HOUSE is getting completed!! TOTALLY worth a half day of vacay, right?? After this, they just have to put those things in, and we get to MOVE in! Shouldn't be more than a few weeks, now!! YEA!!! Don't know I'll keep you in the loop!!


Luke&Lynn said...

this was a VERY exciting and positive post!!! Great to hear!

Leigh said...

I am simply warmed by you. By the Powers. love and miss you.