Tuesday, April 20, 2010


okay... so we got a call yesterday saying that we may be able to do the primary walk-through of the house sometime next week! woo! Basically, what that means, is that we will go through and pick apart every little bitty thing that is not right or needs to be fixed or tweaked before we sign off on the house :) We are really excited about it!
We went to see the house on Saturday since we had heard that they put in the tile and granite (we had to see it!). We're really happy with our choices. The colors all look great together (in our opinions!). I took a few photos to share with you, of course!
The granite is in!!! It is quite dusty, so it probably seems a lot lighter than it really is... we didn't have a rag or anything to wipe it away, though!

This shot shows the granite color a little better. The plumbing fixtures are all in, too! I'm super excited about having the spray nozzel and the 60/40 under-mounted sink :)

This next photo made my poor husband look like an alien... so rather than allow you all to be frightened by Alien Aaron, I "spray painted" him into the Smoke Monster via LOST. Not that that is any less frightening, though...

The kitchen having the granite countertops in already makes the house feel so much more like a home than a shell... it's pretty exciting :)

This is our tile that we picked out. We're really happy with our darker grout next to the other house colors.

TOILETS are in! woo! no more holes in the ground! haha

Another couple of shots with plumbing fixtures - bathroom style :)i LOVE this tub!!!! it is so deep I still can't believe it. I will be able to take a bath and actually have my entire lower body submerged at once!! First time in my entire life... :) crazy long-legged genes... thanks, mom ;)

Before I wrap it up, I have a few garden-ish pics for you (of course...):

We are not big cucumber eaters at our house for some reason, but we do love pickles... SO... I decided to try my hand at growing some of the smaller cucumbers to pickle this year! Aaron's grandmother (Nanny) is quite the master gardener, and I have heard many stories of her delicious pickled veggies, so she promised me yesterday that she will teach me to pickle these buggers this year! I am really excited about it!

...also, I think these cucumber sprouts are just adorable... :)

THIS little one is going to make some delicious sweet peppers for us! We might just have to pickle a few of these as well!I am SO excited about this plant. It's the tall skinny one with the long leaves. It's called a Lemon Verbena and I got it for ONE dollar at Calloway's the other day. They have a HUGE rolling cart (three teers high) of veggies and herbs that are only one dollar just because they are taller than they like to keep on hand. They got new shipments, so they are trying to get rid of some of the older plants. Basically, they're ready to go in the ground, so they're UBER cheap! You should go by if there are any that you are needing. I think I remember them having lots of tomatoes and peppers, and I'm pretty sure there were some eggplants and a few other great plants.
The picture above this (the sweet pepper) is one that I got for the same deal along with a cayenne pepper plant and a couple more mature tomatoe plants than our little sprouts so that we can have some fruit a little earlier in the season than we would otherwise get. Next year we'll have a cold frame so that our OWN will be more mature! I love how gardening is a constant learning game. It is completely trial and error and learn as you go. :)

One last thing to leave you with: I got this book in the mail today from Amazon. I'm really enjoying it so far! I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far. Be encouraged... It's almost halfway over if you're not... ;)

love, denise

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Kate said...

What I would give to live a little closer to a good nursery! By the time I make it to one I really have to just buy what's on my list and don't have the chance to shop their good sales. One day...I'm going to not live in the woods!

On another note - I'm definitely learning the hard way about growing things from seeds. I had all these beautiful little seedlings...then was gone for a week (with everything with Heather) and completely forgot about them. Surefire way to kill seedlings...don't water them for 6 days. Sad. I'm hoping to maybe bring some back to life...we'll see. Finally got my new beds planted. Hoping to have pictures and a blog post up soon.

Love you guys!