Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Classroom Love

I thought I would share with you guys a picture of the new "reading spot" in the class. I got this fantastic chair from a local thrift store (Friends of the Family) a few weeks ago. After a good wiping down from SEVERAL clorox wipes, the chair was good to go for the classroom! I got several lamps from the same store (same trip, actually), and spray painted them so that it wouldn't be SO gaudy and busy looking in the room. I need some extra side tables for the lamps (and extention cords...), so I just decided to use the stool for the time being...
Anyhow, here is one of my favorite students modeling the Reading Spot for you (i went ahead and blacked out his face and id just for safety/privacy reasons).

Happy Reading! :)

****hahaha - my husband looked at this post and said, "man... he looks depressed!" after looking at it again, I suppose he's right... the facial expression is necessary for this pic to work! just picture a really suave look on his face. He's trying to look "gangsta". hahaha :)***

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