Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just a thought... i get ready to head out to watch two of the most ADORABLE twin one-yr-old boys on earth... Cleary and Cline Martinez (their padres, Paul and Anyah were our pre-marital counseling mentor couple).

I was shuffling about the kitchen this morning, pouring a glass of cranberry juice and mixing up some delicious raspberry yogurt for breakfast, when i noticed the clean glasses in the dish drain... not that there is anything unusual about them being there, but as i put them away (since they were now dry...) i just thought...
there has not been one day since we've been married, that Aaron has NOT helped me in the kitchen. i cook dinner for us every night that that's possible, and every night, when we're finished eating, we clean the kitchen together. it takes SO MUCH LESS TIME when we do it together! i always loved cooking, but hated the cleaning up part until now! haha. it's always fun to have a friend! :) ...especially when they're helping you clean... haha.

yeah. my husband cleans the kitchen. OH yeah, it's definitely sexy.

Eat your heart out. ;)


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