Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here Goes Nothin'

well, hello there, blogworld... long time no see...

it's strange to think that the last time i had a blog was when i lived across the atlantic in a country speaking another language with a family not my own...

and now i have a whole new family to speak of! My husband and i are now officially a part of this "married blogging" thing... let's see if we can remember to update...

it is so late right now, i can't believe i'm still awake. sleep comes next... Aaron was asleep long ago while i stayed up to finish a few school-ish things... I'm working on my teaching certification through iTeachTexas, so this will probably be a normal thing for the next few months, unfortunately. I'm ready for this stage to be over... this different schedules stage.

I start my new position with Fidelity Investments on the 27th. I'm really looking forward to having a steady income again. i haven't had that since i left for spain in january... waiting tables isn't as great as it was back when i was a single college student sharing an apartment bedroom (and rent...).

Being married has been great lately. It was hard for a while - for both of us. i can honestly say, though, that just a few days past five weeks in, it's been a great week. I love my husband, and I am definitely a blessed woman to have him.

I can't believe we've been married for almost six weeks!!! SO strange.... i love it :)

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