Friday, October 24, 2008

Here goes nothin!

In just three days (well about two and a half now...) my life is going to get quite a bit more....hectic.

I would covet your prayers if you think about it ever... for my sanity and ability to learn the art of juggling:

*working until 730pm every weeknight in Westlake for Fidelity Investments
*cooking dinner for my husband and I to eat before midnight
*spending quality time with my husband before we go to bed at about 930pm since he has to wake up at 530am... yuk!
*being able to stay on top of my school work to get my teaching certification WHILE at the same time... i'll only have 10 days per section...
*being able to stay on top of my studies for work... I'll be in a two month training program to basically teach me everything there is to know about finance....
*keeping our apartment from becoming an absolute mess hole
*having a life...haha yeah right.

and that's just the brunt of it. haha :)

totally not complaining. please don't take it as that. I have just been praying about that this week. I want to be able to be the wife that I have a picture of myself being in my head (like my mom)...but i'm pretty sure that's a HUGE pair of shoes to fill...and i've only been at this thing for 8 weeks, tomorrow...

wow. we've been married for two months :) that is neat. ;)


John and Natalee Warren said...

Hey girl, I will pray for you! It will be a crazy journey but you will make it! Nothing has to be perfect and you may not get everything done but just remember that it is a season- not what your life IS.
Let me know if you need anything!

Meet the Lewises said...

Hey I found you! I do want to talk about the baptism thing sometime.