Friday, August 3, 2012

Day Four - Guess I'm Stronger Than I Thought!

Well, folks, we're done with Day Four of our Primal Blueprint experiment! I'm still going strong, and loving it.  I've found so many amazing sounding/looking recipes that I've tried/ am looking forward to trying.  Can't wait to share another with you here, tonight.  And I picked up some tuna steaks at the seafood counter today, so I can't WAIT to come up with an amazing Crusted Tuna Steak recipe in the near future.  Get excited for that one... ;)


Breakfast:  Almond Flour Pancakes topped with a bit of honey, blueberries and cinnamon.  Okay... these were SO GOOD! I did modify the recipe a bit since I don't have any seltzer water in the house, but I can't imagine it being better with the water than what I did :)
Instead of using the seltzer, I whipped some heavy whipping cream until it was thick - not quite "whipped cream" consistency.  I think using this along with the whipped egg whites made the pancakes as fluffy as they could be!  Also, it says to use a sweetener of your choice, and I used regular sugar. I hate the taste of every other sweetener I've ever tasted (other than honey... that might have been really good, too! I'll have to try that next time instead of the sugar).
If you've not purchased almond flour before, as I hadn't before this week, I've learned the hard way to NOT buy it at the grocery store.  I've only seen one single brand at Target and Kroger (only stores I've looked at), and they sell it in one pound bags for $15 (Target) and $10 (Kroger) a pop! RIDIC!  I'm placing an order along with a few friends tomorrow to get a better quality (finer grounds- better for baking) flour for just $5/lb! What?! yes.  That's right. So, if you're in need of almond flour, check out (or there are several others I've heard of) if you have the time to wait for it to come in, before wasting your hard-earned money at the grocery store.

Tip:  Going in with friends to place a bulk order and split shipping really brings the cost down.

Lunch:  Leftover Beef Balls from last night's dinner.  GAH!!! SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!! I seriously could eat this every single day and not get sick of it (for a while, at least...). It really is so delish.  This will be a long-time keeper.

Dinner:  Again... forgot to take a picture of my dinner, but I'm new at this whole "blog about your food" thing, so forgive me, won't you? :)

Ok. HERE's the kicker. Are you ready for it??  We went out to dinner tonight with some dear friends of ours, and guess where we went... a PIZZA joint... yes. That's right.  Temptation City is what it SHOULD have been called for someone trying not to eat grains (pizza crust/breadsticks/pasta). So what was a Primal Blueprint girl to do??  Well, I threw the sweet waitress for a loop, and ordered a pasta dish... sans pasta. :) So I basically had Grilled Chicken with a SunDried Tomato/olive/pesto sauce .  It really was quite good.  I definitely had enough to eat, and my dear sweet husband even commended me on how easy I made it look to not partake in the pizza/breadstick eating that was going on at our table! :) *aww shucks*
Don't get me wrong, it was hard to not reach out for one of those tasty looking breadsticks sitting right in front of my water glass, but I just kept thinking to myself that the point is to train my body to use the right (stored) energy and not depend of the quickly-accessed energy sources such as breadsticks.  The longer I can go without, the more apt I am to actually see a noticeable difference in how I feel overall.  With my history of digestive issues, it can only be a good thing for me to try this thing out.

Snacks:  I just realized that I didn't actually have any snacks today! WHAT? That is super unusual for me... maybe there is something to this Primal thing... ;) Though I'm sure this will come and go with different days depending on what my body needs... BUT for today? nada. super weird, but nada (other than the spoons of almond butter before bed)!

Today's Workout:  Ten Minute Trainer Video - Core Cardio.  Somehow it always surprises me how out of breath and sweaty I am after TEN stinking minutes of working out!  Pretty good little workout :)

How I'm feeling:  I have been sleeping better the last few nights/falling asleep faster. I think part of it has something to do with the fact that I've been eating a spoonful or two of peanut butter/almond butter before bed each night, and again when I have to get up with Rivers during the night.  It has kept me from trying to fall asleep with that annoying bite of hunger that is always there (is it just me??) late at night.


Interesting Fact of the Day:  One suppliment that I have noticed is widely recommended to people who have trouble sleeping is Manganese.  What just happens to have lots of this fancy little element (Mn) contains proteins which help your blood sugar level stay even among other things.  If you want more info on Manganese, you can get lots of it here.

P.S.  You may have noticed at the top of the post tonight, that I said I'M still going strong... My beloved husband jumped ship when the offer of pizza arose.  He informed me that he's down for trying it most of the time, but he will not be giving up his pizza.  The man loves him some pizza.  We both do, really. I almost can't believe I didn't break down and have some tonight ;) SO... we'll see how long I can keep this up without him chugging alongside me as much as he was before (this whole thing was totally his idea, BTW)!

Wish me luck!

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