Monday, May 24, 2010


ok... sorry guys, but we will be postponing the house party. Aaron is a kind husband, and requested that we wait until school is over for me (only two more weeks!!! YEA!!!). He wants me to be able to focus on work while that's what I need to be doing, instead of party planning. I would much rather be planning the party, but I am thankful for his responsible mind in waiting. I don't need any help in procrastinating with my responsibilities! :) I wonder if I will go through "Senioritis" symptoms EVERY year... Probably.
My prayer this week is that I will be diligent in my work to prepare and stay on top of everything that I need to be doing this week (which is a LOT...). I told Aaron I have a feeling I will be here at the school for many late afternoons/evenings this week (hopefully not next week as well, but maybe...), and that's okay, but I want to be diligent and hardworking while I am here so that I'm not just wasting a lot of precious time...

Recap: Party is postponed, but we will let you know for sure when we get the final date set!

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Luke&Lynn said...

I'm so proud of him!! (and you for agreeing!