Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I Advocate Gardening

Tonight I ate a carrot that I planted a few months ago as a seed.

As I stood at the counter, chopping up my carrot to go into my delicious shrimp salad, I felt such pride alongside an even stronger emotion of awe. God spoke vegetables into existence. I know that sounds elementary and almost silly, in a way, but think about that for a second...
I had a seed that was about the size of the point of an ink pen. I planted it, watered it, and left it alone for months... Through sunshine, rain, freezing winds and snow days, God turned that little seed into a carrot that I am eating as I write this. It is truly amazing to me.
Yesterday I went to Calloway's Nursery to check out their seeds/seed starting inventory since I won a gift card from them at their Christmas Open House. I stocked up. The rest I will get from my "Bad-A" Padre-in-Law. He has so many seeds, I'm surprised they haven't taken over their home! haha :) When we move into our home (for which we actually just signed our initial contract papers TONIGHT!!), we will have so many vegetables growing in our back yard! I seriously cannot wait. I will be out of the classroom for about two months, and you can bet that a large chunk of that time will be spent tending to our garden(s). I cannot wait to eat from the ground we live on and share that food with the people around us. We are going to have tomatoes coming out of our ears this year (if the Lord wills it!), so get ready to try some homegrown Power Maters this summer! :)
I love when God's creation and omnipotence just strikes me speechless. Tonight was one such moment. Love you all, and if the Lord wills us to actually end up with this house, we can't wait to have you over to our home to share many meals there for years to come.

p.s. I'll leave you with two terrible pictures I tried to get with my iPhone as we left the contract signing tonight. With headlights as our only lighting, it leaves much to be desired, but you'll get the general idea until I can get better ones with sunlight ;)


The Irwins said...

I feel the same way gardening - it's like you're taking a tangible part in something much bigger than yourself. Sounds silly, but it is an amazing daily reminder that you have no control, and God has all. You can do everything you know how to make those tomatoes grow, but if God doesn't will it, they won't produce. Love you ;)

Anonymous said...

you guys are getting a house?!?! congrats!! that is so fun and i know ya'll will love it!

Alyssa said...

I can't wait to eat your tomatoes... for reals. Also... can I water your garden every now and then with you so I can not be sad at my lack of a back yard? AND finally you need to check this out..