Wednesday, December 2, 2009

this is a very short and to the point update.

while i was sitting in a professional development meeting this evening, i received a text from my mom that simply said,
"pray for mawmaw. on her way to the hospital. says her heart is "doing funny things". I'll keep you posted"

please please please pray for my grandmother. she is the greatest grandmother on the planet (no offense to your gmaws...), and we are to visit her and my grandfather at their home in Cape Coral, FL for the christmas holiday, in just a few weeks. please please keep her in your prayers. I need her to be okay.

well, need... obviously not like i need Jesus, but i do - i need her to be okay.

please pray.

thank you, and i'll keep you posted. I love you all, and I covet your prayers in these moments.

My beautiful grandmother and me at my little brother's HS graduation about a year and a half ago.

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Anonymous said...

your mom and grandma look so much alike! (im gonna feel like an idiot if that's your dads mom).... will be praying :)

and thanks for the props on the taco soup recipe! we love it too.