Monday, November 23, 2009

Much Needed Addition to Every Coffee Table

Today I have written two office referrals (and very close to a third)...
One was for a particular student sleeping in my class EVERY time we read our novel aloud in class, and showing no remorse. On the contrary, the response to me when I question why this is a constant struggle (sometimes there are legit issues at home!) is, "MAN! It's so BORING!!!". This response gains zero sympathy from me. Suck it up. You won't enjoy everything you learn (I don't say that, of course...). Today, he/she fell asleep 8 different times. During one of these instances, there was drool spilling over lips into his/her lap... nice.
The second was a student from whom I have personally collected at least 4-5 notes from and seen writing notes at least 10 times... After today's addition to my collection, this student will be visiting the office.

All of this to share my sweet, hilarious husband's ingenious idea with you. He is encouraging me to keep all of the funny notes that I pick up over the years and to publish a collection of hilarious notes by middle schoolers when I have a significant number of them...Names will have to be changed, of course, but the beauty is NOT in the names. I assure you.

so, if you teach middle school (or other grades, too...) please lend me your hilarious notes. I would like to recognize these students for their phenomenal dedication to their education.

love, THE Mrs. Power

p.s. my favorite note still stands as the first note I ever took up in my classroom. It is actually from the aforementioned student, believe it or not...

from a 7th grade female written to 8th grade male.
My favorite line: "I love it when you be wearin' them skinny jeans, yo booty be lookin' extra big!"

wow. i love my job. :)

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, this is the best idea ever.