Monday, October 26, 2009

The Truth is...

The truth of the matter is that it is too easy to feel overwhelmed. It is all too natural for my flesh to scream out in panic instead of listening to my heart that says, "Slow down. Take a deep breath, and listen to your Father who wants to bear these burdens FOR YOU!"
Why is it that we allow so many minor things of this life to rise up and take over the thrown of our hearts and to consume our thoughts? Why is it second nature for me to become irritated at my students for not understanding such "simple" ideas, or to think to myself, "How am I supposed to work from 7-5, attend countless meetings and trainings, cook dinner, be HOME for dinner, grade mounds and mounds of papers and still have enough time and energy to give my husband the attention and encouragement and love that I truly desire to show him all before bedtime (which is SUPPOSED to be 9:30 f0r us old, early risers... yeah right...)?!"
Why can I not just be still for 30 minutes to spend time in the presence of my Father who can put these things into perspective for me and take the irrational panic out of my day?
Why, in the times that I am NOT diligent and consistant in my time with the Lord, do I feel that I "cannot possibly spare another moment in the day even to read The Word" when if I DO make the time and I DO spend it with Him, it seems ridiculous to think anything contrary.
This life is short, this world is sinful, and I am a daughter of the King of it all.
Maybe it's time I start acting like it... Or maybe that time was many years ago...


The Irwins said...

Well said and amen - I definitely feel you on that. I will be praying for you in your daily schedule. I love you!

Darrell Barnes said...

I was just listening to a sermon in the series, "Battling Unbelief." This particular sermon was Battling Anxiety, and it attacked some of these same issues that I deal with. I think you're right on when you say "..listen to your Father..." To take on these worries and burdens ourselves will produce nothing, except more nervousness and worry.

Having scripture written on our hearts will help us in these times, because we can remind ourselves of God's promises to us. It's so great when at those times we can say, "My heart and flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Psalm 73:26.

I love you Powers'. See you tomorrow night.