Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Has is been that long?!

ok, so i'm just now realizing that the last time i posted... i was still at Fidelity Investments, we were planning our trip to Annapolis, and our friends Sarah and Ben were still living in the US... man. that was a while ago, eh?
ok, so to run through just a FEW things that have gone on:

- I am now a middle school reading teacher in Denton ISD! Praise Jesus! Aaron and I have been praying for an opportunity for me to teach since before we were married. The Lord was more than faithful to bring that about. What's even better than just getting hired on to any school is that one of my Assistant Principals here is actually half of our Pre-Marital Mentor Couple from just before we were married last year! It's been such a blessing and releif to know an administrator and to feel comfortable enough to ask questions that i may have otherwise kept to silly as that may seem.
- My sister, Lynn, and her husband, Luke, just received Luke's acceptance letter to SouthEastern Seminary in North Carolina! This is bittersweet news for us. They live in the south part of Fort Worth right now, so we hardly ever see them anyways... but in mid-January, the Henderson Duo will be making their big move to (just outside Raleigh, i think...?) North Carolina for Luke to persue his Masters. Such a great opportunity though :)
-Aaron and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on August 30 of this year... so... that's neat :) We took our trip to Annapolis, MD to stay with my Aunt and her family and it was SUCH a blast. We really did have a great time. i'll post pictures sometime soon... hopefully ;)
-i really want to go home...

sorry for the intterupt. just realized that i CAN go home. so i am.
:) more later.

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