Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Picture Post! Woo!

Ok... recap of the past few weeks? But of course! Here goes:

Work is going well for both Aaron and myself. Memorial Day is about a week away and we're really looking forward to the day off to go hang with the Power fam out at the In-Laws' place! Hello free veggies!! ;) man... i don't think i'll ever get over their garden! haha

Audie and Joannie (AP's parents)
This was their garden back at Easter. I can't wait to see it next weekend!

We are still in the process of looking for a house to rent this next year starting at the end of June. We are actually leaving in just a few minutes to go look at a handful of houses before church tonight.

Aaron's sister Jordan will be living with us this coming year, which is exciting! So if anyone knows of any great homegroups for freshman ladies, please let us know, because we really would love to see her get involved and have some fabulous women around her this year! Jordie's will be graduating from Allen High on June 2! WOO!
Our dear friends Ben and Sarah got hitched Friday evening, and the wedding was beautiful and perfect. :) Here are a few great shots from that night:

Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Sarah Long!

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Denise Power ;)

The Men

Miss Kelley Howard and myself striking a pose on the dance floor...

Jeremy and AP

"Was there dancing?!" Are you kidding me?! This woman was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for goodness sake! OF COURSE THERE WAS DANCING!!!
We showed those cheerleaders how to bust a move Denton-Style... ;) hahaha

And speaking of graduation... my baby sister, Lynn (whose wedding is in less than TWO WEEKS now!!!!) graduated yesterday from University of North Texas with a degree in Finance! Way to go, Lynnie! Here are a few shots from the day:

Family Love

Aaron made me do it... ;)
Also, I'm pretty sure this was just after I managed to slam a full cup of punch into Aaron's arm, soaking and embarassing myself in front of everyone... Goob.

We are somewhat lopsided siblings... don't judge us.

After some mild coaching, we straightened up again...

AP and my dad on the way to Lynn's grad ceremony in the rain

Lynn and the man she will marry in T-minus13 days and counting! The Mr. Jerry (Luke) Henderson :)

Also, I know many of you have been praying with us that I might be able to find a teaching job this fall, and I actually had an interview this past week with the school that I would REALLY like to teach. The interview went well, and I am praying to get a call for a second interview. They want to have all of their teachers for next year in place by the end of the month, so please keep praying! I really appreciate it!! Thanks!!

And last, but not least... Random updates!

*our tomato plants are SO HUGE now! it's unreal! they were both only about 8 inches tall when i bought them! I'm excited for them to ripen so that we can eat our homegrown tomatoes!! :)

*I planted some seeds to start a few string bean bushes, and they have sprouted up so quickly! I am about to transplant them into a few more containers to give them growing room :) beans will be exciting to have, too!

*the asparagus is strange... i keep thinking its done...(it doesnt produce much...), but then i'll find another one random stalk growing! haha. so strange...

*I have located the recipe for Chili's Honey Mustard recipe, and it is fantastic! :) it's so delicious on chicken sandwiches or pita paninis (lovingly referred to as Panitas). It is equal parts mayo, dijon mustard, and honey. add a few sprinkles of paprika, and mix together well! Presto! you're done:
I'm really hoping that wherever we rent this year, they will allow me to use a small bit of the backyard to have a real garden! maybe i'll just do a raised garden that we can move with us :) that would be cool... Let me know any ideas you all may have!

Oh! I know several of you lovely ladies are sewers, so if anyone knows of someone that is wanting to get rid of a sewing machine (that works...) tell them i'll take it! Or even if you know someone who has one and just never uses it, so they would like me to babysit it for a while! :) i've been itching to make things lately, but my sewing machine is SUPER old and keeps knotting up on the back stitch and/or not stitching at all... one day i'll have a real sewing machine that was not once someone's junk they needed to get rid of!! one day... ;)

Happy Beautiful Sunday, all!

Love, Denisie Power.


Darrell Barnes said...

In response to #41 being #10: it doesn't mean that it is #10. I wrote that those songs were in no particular order except for Ants Marching. However, if I had to put a # on it, I would probably have it around #4 or #5. Sorry for the confusion. Now, if we're talking about #10 live songs, then it will probably be in the top 3. I love that song live.

By the way, I love the pics you guys got from the wedding.

The Rozell Family said...

yeah, I am so glad you posted pics of Ben and Saras wedding! I wanted to go so bad but couldnt find a babysitter, clay was working. Ben and Sara are in our homegroup! Are they back from their honeymoon??? do you know?

ya'll have a GREAT memorial day!