Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shower, Food, and Changing the World

Well, my lovely sister had her first Bridal Shower this past weekend! I finally had a chance to upload some of our pictures from the day. Thought I'd share a few of my favorites. :)

Our mom makes the most AWESOME lollipops EVER!!! so she made some for the shower!!

Also, one of our new favorite meals is what we like to call "Buffalo Balls"... now, now... easy there. they really are balls... just probably not the kind you were thinking when first reading the name. :) Aaron and I decided it was time to make them again this week, so we documented the process to share with all of you lovely folks out there in blog-land! I thought I would share the recipe since it is SO easy and would be a fun "Family" dinner if everyone wanted to be a part of making dinner!
ok. You'll need:

2 rotisserie cooked chickens
Shredded cheddar cheese
Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce
2 Eggs
Bread Crumbs
Olive Oil

*shred the rotisserie chicken.
*Then add your desired amount of cheese.
*Add enough Frank's Sauce to allow the mixture to stick together.
*Mix Well!
*heat up olive oil in a skillet on medium heat.
*Pack the chicken mixture into small balls in the palm of your hands

*in 3 separate shallow bowls (we use pasta bowls) have your 2 beaten eggs, flour, and bread crumbs ready for the assembly line :)

*dip each of the buffalo balls into the bowls (covering completely) in this order: flour (make sure you pat the excess off of them. they only need to be lightly dusted with the flour), egg, then bread crumbs.
*place the buffalo balls into the olive oil turning as necessary to fry them up to delicious tastiness!

*once they are browned all over, let them cool on a plate with a napkin (or if you're an Earth hater, i guess you could use paper towels!! ;) ) to let some of the olive oil drain off onto the napkin (or evil paper towels...).

ENJOY!!!! They're super tasty dipped in Ranch dressing or if you really like the spice, you could just dip them in extra Buffalo sauce like my crazy hubby!

As you can see we really enjoy making these together. Aaron has officially been dubbed the "Fry Master"... so you can be sure to call him by his title the next time you see him. :)

One last thing: before i sign off, my darling husband, AP, wanted me to share a few paragraphs from his favorite magazine, "Relevant". So here they are, from a piece titled, "Reject Apathy" by Cameron Strang about how our generation is big on trying to change the world, but taking a look at if our approaches are working or not:

The problems are so big it'd be easy to say there's nothing that can really be done about them. But that's not true, according to Warren. The problem has simply been our approach. The Western "quick-fix" mentality is wrong.
For such enormous turnaround to happen, we not only have to break through destructive generational cycles in Africa, but also our own Western mindset that says we have all the answers.
Many Western solutions simply don't work in every culture. Likewise, the Americanized version of the Gospel, which many times emphasizes me-centered faith, doesn't translate outside of U.S. borders either. "American principles only wor in America," Warren says. French messages only work in France. But if a principle is biblical, it's trans cultural. It'll work everywhere. All we have to do is be biblical."


Kate said...

Would it be okay to use this recipe in the FC cookbook? It looks awesome and would be an easy recipe for a lot of our less-experienced cooks!
Love you guys, Kateom

Kate said...

Not really sure what I did to my computer that made it sign my name "Kateom."

Kinda like that time they misprinted your name for the One-Act Play program and called you "Deruse." :)

Anonymous said...

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Darrell Barnes said...

Just found out that ya'll had a blog...and now I'm going to blogger-stalk you both. I had a great time last night, watching Lost. I love both of you very much.

Your Midget-punchin' friend,