Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lil' Monsties™

Exciting news!  We are finally going to launch our Etsy store, Lil' Monsties™ this summer! I'm busy working on our collection of products that will include

Personalized Burp Cloths
Cloth Wipes
Wipes Solution - several different customized scents available - made with all natural essential oils
Whipped Baby Butter (All Natural Moisturizing Baby Balm) - Infused with customizable essential oils
Plush Toys
Plush Rattles
Taggie Blankets - with crinkle paper inside for more stimulation
Rice Heat Packs with removable cover (for easy washing)
...and more to come (including some fun children's books featuring Aaron's infamous Monsties™ characters)!!

We are hoping to be accepted as a vendor in the Denton Etsy's Summer Bazaar that will be happening this May, and our Etsy shop will officially open for business around the same time.  There are no products for sale through the site just yet, but feel free to go ahead and add us as one of your "favorites" so you can check back in as soon as we open up for business!  The link to find our store is:

For a little preview of what's to come, here are a few pics of the "prototypes" for some of our products - enjoy!

 Taggie Blanket - made with super soft cuddle flannel on front. Crinkle paper inside for more stimulation as baby plays and learns!
Taggie Blanket backed with Minky chenile-type fabric (super cuddle-worthy!)

Burp Cloths
Cloth Wipes
Wipes Solution (We have jars of pre-mixed solution plus jars of concentrate for Refills!)
Whipped Baby Butter (All Natural Moisturizing Baby Balm) - Infused with customizable essential oil scents. Pictured is our Lavender scented Butter.
Plush Toys (before stuffing is added) - Scotty Dog and Whale
Plush Toys (before stuffing is added)  - Music Collection: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Microphone & Tambourine
Plush Toys (before stuffing is added) - Tool Collection:  Wrench, Hammer, Screwdriver & Hand Saw
Play Mat/ Tummy Time Quilt!
(obviously this one is for girls, but we will have some for little guys, too!! Our little guy was barely ok with "modeling" this "girly" quilt, but he was a good sport about it, as you can see) :)

Just a FEW of our different fabric options available right now:
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For the Boys
Lavender-Infused Rice Heating Bag

The Lavender Rice has made my craft room smell AMAZING. :)

Infused Rice Heating Bag with Removable/Machine Washable Cover (super easy Velcro closure)

If we are accepted to be a part of the Denton Etsy Summer Bazaar, we will also be selling some amazing crochet products made by little Rivers' very own Nany (great grandmother extraordinaire).  Here are a few pics of just SOME of the amazing things she can do with a crochet needle!

There's that handsome model baby again! ;) 

Lion Friend!

 Blue Jay Friend!

Thanks for taking a look, and hopefully we'll be able to see you at our table in the Etsy Denton Summer Bazaar this May!   *
fingers crossed!*
If we do, we'll be sharing a table with the amazing Delightfully Denton (Mrs. Taylor Barnes' phenomenal creations.  You should check her out!)


Lisa Smith said...

So awesome!! Cannot wait to see everything!

anna tovar said...

Such cute stuff! Excited to see you have a wide variety of things that aren't necessarily "typical" baby products.

denisie power said...

Thanks, guys! It's been fun coming up with things! :)