Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bonus Laugh

okay, first of all, I promise to get back on track with regular posts after this week is over (and SCHOOL is over! haha... weird!), but until then, I thought I'd share with you another story from the classroom.
This week is Finals Week for our Middle Schoolers. On their exam, I gave them a bonus question (which is so silly, I'm basically BEGGING them to get 3 extra points on their test...) was this: "What is your favorite new thing (OR the most memorable new thing) that you learned all year long in Mrs. Power's class?"
I would like to share with you the response that I got from the same child (8th grader) you are already familiar with due to his Blog Debut in A Day in the Life of a Middle School Teacher a few weeks ago. His response was this (his spelling, and all...):

"1. When MRs. Power steped in the talent show
2. When my phone ranged in MRs. Power's class
3. How easy Reading has gotten for me in MRs. Power's class"

It's hard to stay irritated at him for not really answering the question at all (and it was SO EASY!!!!) when he includes his #3, right?! I mean, who can blame me for going ahead and giving him those points??

:) Love, Mrs. Power - The almost not still a first year teacher - ;)
(i know that's probably grammatically atrocious, but let's just be thankful that I'm a READING teacher, and not a grammar teacher...)